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As you can see below, our children are our future and you can be very proud of yours. Our School Improvement Partner supported a group of Y5 to carry out a ‘Pupil Enquiry’ into how well children learn at Shade and they did a remarkable job.

‘Through the eyes of a child’

The pupil representatives met with the Consultant at the start of the school day to consider the focus for the enquiry, and agree the protocols for the investigation. In addition, the group reviewed three videos of ‘real’ classrooms- one lesson set in Key Stage 2 and the other two in Key Stage 1. Children were able to provide their opinions about what they had seen, this supporting them in developing ideas for evidence gathering during their visits to classrooms. They also considered the type of questions they might ask pupils should there be opportunity to interact with the children during their lessons.

 The group decided how to pursue this investigation when visiting each classroom. It was agreed that they would record their findings under the following headings:

 What I can see

What I can hear

What I think/feel

Pupil Enquiry report



Each year we ask you what you like about Shade and what you would like to see improved. 

 Here are the results for 2017 Children at Shade