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Year 4


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Welcome to Year 4

We are really looking forward to seeing the children on Tuesday 7th September!


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Important Information from 28TH FEBRUARY 2022:

  • Year 4 swim ONCE A FORTNIGHT ON A MONDAY. Children are either in group 1 or 2. Children will need a swimming kit brought into school on this day. Group 2 will swim on Monday 28th February, Group 1 on Monday 7th March and continue to alternate each week.
  • For this half term (Spring 2), our P.E. day is TUESDAY and children will need  to wear their P.E. kits to school on this day. Jewellery or hoodies are not allowed.
  • Children may bring in a snack to enjoy during morning playtime. This must be a piece of fresh fruit or veg.
  • Our library day is WEDNESDAY. This is when children may take out or return books from our fabulous and well stocked school library!
  • Children have the opportunity to change their home reading books throughout the week.  Please make sure that your child is reading at home and write a comment in their reading records. It is wonderful to read parent comments and of course to talk to the children about their reading done at home.
  • Children are welcome to bring in age-appropriate reading books from home if they wish to read during quiet reading.  
  • Spelling homework goes home every Friday and is due in the following Friday for the weekly spelling quiz.
  • Once a half term / term, children will be given a Learning Log.  This is a great way for children to demonstrate their individual skills and interpretations on the work we have been doing in class.  Children will then share their Learning Logs with each other. 


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What We Will Learn in Year Four

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Autumn Term

In Maths we will lay the ground with place value and the four calculations. We then move onto focusing on Addition and Subtraction skills.

In English this half term we are using the book “The Mousehole Cat” by Antonia Barber as our stimulus. After the holidays we will be studying a new book called “Varjak Paw2 by S.F.Said. In both texts, we look at settngs, characters and the use of language.

For our enrichment time, we concentrate on Sports and Games, which culminates in pupil’s designing and making their own board games.

Our History topic is the Elizabethan Era where we study life back then and compare it to our own, as well as learning about why Elizabeth I is known as one of the most influential monarchs of the UK. We take a trip to the Royal Armouries in Leeds for a Tudor Experience day.

For Science, we will be working on the Human Digestive System and States of Matter.

Spring Term

In Maths we begin with Multiplication and Division, moving onto Area and then Fractions.

In English, the first half term is concentrated on a book called “The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane” by Kate DiCamillo and the journeys he makes throughout his extraordinary life. 

Our History topic for this term is Ancient Egypt. We look at pharaohs, pyramids, life then compared to life now and all the amazing aspects of this period in History.

In Science we will be focusing on Electricity. We learn about the different components of a simple circuit and use this knowledge to build our own circuits, adding bulbs and switches. We also learn about electrical safety.


Summer Term

In Maths we begin to learn about Decimals before moving onto Money and Time.

In English will be focusing on “The Firework Maker’s Daughter” by Philip Pullman and thinking about self- determination. We will then move onto “The Great Kapok Tree” by Lynne Cherry which links nicely to our Science topic for this term. 

Our Geography and Science topics are Brazil in which we focus on the environment, habitats and daily life. 

In History we will be learning about the ancient civilisation of Mayans.

It's an exciting term for us as we also prepare to move on to our new class. Transition sessions will take place ready for the next phase in our school journey.


Knowledge Organisers

History: The Tudors

Science: Animals including Humans

Science: States of Matter

Computing: Coding

Knowledge Organisers

History: Egypt

Science: Electricity

RE: Christianity


Knowledge Organisers

Geography: Brazil

Geography: Rainforest

Science: Habitats (Coming Soon)

Art: Romero Britto

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Mrs Sutcliffe tweets about Maths here. Dr Ovenden tweets about reading here.


Our TOP recommendations for online resources to support learning are: - PLEASE encourage children to work on their time tables. They are crucial in the Years 5 and 6 maths curriculum (if you have lost your child's login then please get in contact and I will send their details over as soon as I can)! - - There are countless games and activities linked to all parts of the curriculum on here (if you have lost your child's login then please get in contact and I will send their details over as soon as I can). We have student access to Discovery Education's Espresso site... there are lots of themed activities, fact files, online games and printable activities for students from Nursery to Year 6.  Our school pupil log in was texted home on 23/04/20. - The BBC have added lots of content over Easter to support Home Learning. - Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. Backed by the Government, it has been created in response to the coronavirus lockdown.  The online classroom offers free access to video lessons, quizzes and worksheets. All of the lessons are ordered so your child can learn along a clear plan. There will be new lessons and resources each week.

Here are some further links you could explore: - These are FANTASTIC home learning packs. They are split into weeks and have lots of maths/reading/writing activities and open ended projects for children to get their teeth stuck into. - There are a range of home learning packs for free on Classroom Secrets. We use Classroom Secrets in our Maths lessons so children will be familiar with the format (printing may be required). - Twinkl has released a range of free resources to support with school closures (printing may be required).

Art for Kids Hub - Another site we use in school.  Links to Directed Drawing sessions.  Pick carefully they cover a lot of skill range! - Joe Wicks is releasing daily PE lessons (30 minutes) every weekday at 9am. The link attached will take you to his YouTube channel.



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