Shade Primary School

Healthy Pupils

Here at Shade School, we are very keen to promote good health among our pupils. Our school lunches, from the local High School, are excellent - providing healthy, nutritious and tasty food for your children.

For those bringing packed lunches, we encourage healthy contents, such as sandwiches, fruit and a drink - no sweets, bars of chocolate or cans of fizzy drinks.  In KS1 milk is provided at mid-morning break, with children being given a piece of fruit in the morning.

We also encourage children to drink water throughout the day, as research proves that regular intake of water increases concentration levels.


School Nursing

School Nursing is now provided by the Locala Team on behalf of the NHS.

Your School Nursing Team is made up of registered nurses some with a specialist qualification in School Nursing, a School Nurse Team Leader and School Nurse Assistants. This team works alongside children and families, school staff and other professionals.

Calderdale School Nursing patient leaflet


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