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We hope you are well.  We’ve really enjoyed seeing some of your work on Twitter and in the Facebook groups and can see that there are pieces that you are particularly proud of.  In response, we have opened class email addresses where you can occasionally send individual pieces of more detailed work that your child is desperate to show their teacher!
Do still keep tweeting and sharing on Facebook – this is just for that extra-special WOW work.
Your child’s class email is
Stay safe.  We miss you all
From all of us at Shade


Year 5


Mr Jacob Rolfe - Class Teacher

Mrs HealdMrs Heald -Teaching Assistant (am) Mrs Sue BarkerMrs Barker - 1:1 Support

Year Five Home Learning Plans


Below are the weekly Home Learning Guides for Year 5 for Summer Term.

Click the date to open.

There are links to resources within the document that will help you.


Week One: Monday 20.04.2020

*White Rose Maths Lessons for this week are here

Week Two: Monday 27.04.2020

Week Three: 04.05.2020

Maths PDF Activity Sheets: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Answer PDFs:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Week Four: 11.05.2020

Maths PDF Activity Sheets: Monday, Tuesday, WednesdayThursday

Answer PDFs: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

Science Activity Sheet: Reversible and Irreversible Changes

Week Five: 18.05.20 

Maths PDF Activity Sheets: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Answer PDFs: Monday, Tuesday, WednesdayThursday

CLPE Take Five PDF: Street Child by Berlie Doherty

Week Six: 01.06.20

Maths PDF Activity Sheets: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Answer PDFs: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

CLPE Take Five PDF: Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick

If you manage to follow the above learning plans each week - that is great and you and your child are doing really well.  If you need to ask questions about your child's learning, contact school at and someone will get back to you.

We have closed, private class Facebook pages too.  They are a great place to share your at home learning and just keep in touch with your school community whilst we can't all be together.  Ours is Shade Leavers 2021 - drop in and get involved.

Don't forget the class Twitter page - scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the feed and find the link.

What are your plans for VE Day?

We would love to know what you get up to at home for VE Day.  

I'm going to be enjoying a BBQ in the garden with my parents and Ozzy!

You might make bunting, draw pictures, bake buns, wear something to commemorate the day, watch some of the celebrations on TV, have a picnic......
Whatever it is, please send us a picture of yourself - you can post it on our class Facebook group, tweet it and tag us (@Shade_Year5) or email it to (use Year 5 VE Day as your email subject).

Whatever you choose - have a lovely week-end

Mr Rolfe x

Here are two child friendly online books to help you explain and talk about the Corona Virus.

Corona Virus - A Book for Children           A Picture Story for Corona

If your family have the time and the desire for further learning opportunities, the following online sites are packed with ideas.  They can be a bit overwhelming - just dip in and grab anything that takes your fancy!

Our TOP recommendations are: - PLEASE encourage children to work on their time tables. They are crucial in the Years 5 and 6 maths curriculum (if you have lost your child's login then please get in contact and I will send their details over as soon as I can)! - - There are countless games and activities linked to all parts of the curriculum on here (if you have lost your child's login then please get in contact and I will send their details over as soon as I can). We have student access to Discovery Education's Espresso site... there are lots of themed activities, fact files, online games and printable activities for students from Nursery to Year 6.  Our school pupil log in was texted home on 23/04/20. - The BBC have added lots of content over Easter to support Home Learning. - Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. Backed by the Government, it has been created in response to the coronavirus lockdown.  The online classroom offers free access to video lessons, quizzes and worksheets. All of the lessons are ordered so your child can learn along a clear plan. There will be new lessons and resources each week.

Here are some further links you could explore: - These are FANTASTIC home learning packs. They are split into weeks and have lots of maths/reading/writing activities and open ended projects for Year 5 to get their teeth stuck into. - There are a range of home learning packs for free on Classroom Secrets. We use Classroom Secrets in our Maths lessons so children will be familiar with the format (printing may be required). - Twinkl has released a range of free resources to support with school closures (printing may be required).

Art for Kids Hub - Another site we use in school.  Links to Directed Drawing sessions.  Pick carefully they cover a lot of skill range! - Joe Wicks is releasing daily PE lessons (30 minutes) every weekday at 9am. The link attached will take you to his YouTube channel.

Important Information

  • Our library day is Thursday. During our library session, children can take books out of our well-stocked school library.
  • Children are given the opportunity to change their home reading books after lunchtime. The changing of these books will be monitored.
  • Children swim EVERY OTHER MONDAY and are either in Group 1 or Group 2 (spare letters with groupings on are in the classroom).
  • Children may bring age-appropriate reading books in form home to enjoy during Quiet Reading sessions


Scroll Down to see what learning we have planned for the Year and to see our termly galleries and Y5 Twitter feed.
Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and download the School Jotter App to get important updates and class galleries.


What We Will Learn in Year FiveClick here for the overview plan of the whole year!

Click the Image for a full year overview!

Click here for Y5 English writing outcomes

Click here for the whole school Maths Non-Negotiables

Autumn Term

  • In Maths we will begin with place value and the four calculations. As Christmas approaches, we will be investigating area and perimeter.  
  • In English this half term doing an author study of Roald Dahl. We will focus on one of his well-loved stories, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory After the holidays we will be studying the novel Street Child by Berlie Doherty. This text links perfectly with our Autumn term History topic.  
  • In our enrichment time, we will be learning origami as our new skill.  
  • Our History topic is the Victorians. We will be going on a fantastic trip to the National Coal Mining Museum where we will experience what like was like for children down the mines

  • For Science, we will be looking at Space. We will revise our knowledge of the planets in our solar system, the phases of the moon and study famous astronauts.

Spring Term

  • In Maths we will continue to revise the long methods of multiplication and division before moving onto fractions, decimals and percentages.  
  • In English this term we will study two texts. The first is all about Ernest Shackleton’s famous voyage across Antarctica. The second text we will study is the famous poem by Alfred Noyes, the Highwayman. At the ned of the term, we will use clips from the film ‘Avatar’ to produce a range of pieces about the planet Pandora.  
  • Our Geography topic for this term is Rivers. We will begin with studying the different courses of rivers and what features you would expect to find there. We will then move on to studying famous rivers around the world. As part of this topic, we will partake in an overnight residential to Malham!

  • In Science we will be focusing on different forces. These include: gravity, friction, air resistance, water resistance and buoyancy. 

Summer Term

  • In Maths, we will continue our work on decimals before moving on to different shapes. We will discuss their properties and also measure their angles. · Our English will be focusing on The Adventures of Odysseus. This text will link well with our History topic of the Ancient Greeks.  
  • We will be going back in time in History and will be looking at the Ancient Greeks. We will look at their Gods, learn more about the city of Troy and have a go at making their cuisine.

  • In Science we will be learning about different materials and animals including humans.

  • As we get ready to move up to Year 6, we will get the opportunity to have a transition day at Todmorden High School.


Knowledge Organisers

History: The Victorians

Science: Space

RE: Christianity 

Knowledge Organisers

Geography: Rivers

Science: Forces

Science: Materials

Computing: Coding

RE: Islam

Knowledge Organisers

History: Ancient Greeks

Science: Living Things and Their Habitats

Science: Animals Including Humans

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