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FOSPTA - Nature Garden Update

FOSPTA's main fundraising project is to create a Nature Garden at the school. We will keep this page updated with the latest developments. 

June 2018

Work is now beginning to get underway on the Nature Garden. FOSPTA volunteers have begun to prepare the site by moving the shed and tyres. You will bein to notice new additions to the site over the last few weeks to the Summer holidays. 

To find out more about the children's ideas that will be incorporated into the Garden and the judging, read our latest update.

May 2018 - Nursery, Reception and Year 1: Planting Day

Huge thanks to Nursery, Reception and Year 1 who with the help of Fospta parent gardeners, spent the morning planting up the area at the bottom of the ramp to attract pollinating insects. Great work!

 Who will spot the first butterfly?

Before planting:

A bit of site preparation between classes:

Planting complete – Great job everyone!

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FOSPTA Gardening Club

The FOSPTA Gardening Club will meet regularly while weather permits. Our Club meets to help keep the school garden areas looking smart and to support the work of the new Nature Garden.  Please send an email to to receive updates on the dates and times of upcoming sessions.

Click here for more information on Friends of Shade Parents and Teachers Association (FOSPTA)