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Dear Parents and Carers

During this stressful time, I would suggest that listening to an audio-book with your child or children would be good for everyone. Audible have made their children's audiobooks free to listen to.

Go to from any web browser. No logins, credit card details or passwords needed. There are stories for younger children as well as older ones. Many are classics such as Winnie the Pooh and Alice in Wonderland.

I recommend A Little History of the World by E H Gombrich if you have children of different ages. Each chapter (apart from the first longer one) is about 15 minutes long, it is told brilliantly and you will all learn loads about history. I certainly did.

You could listen to this together and talk about things that you learnt afterwards.

Be kind to yourselves and remember your child's reading improves by simply listening to stories and talking about them. Curling up with your children and listening to an audiobook is perfect in these unsettling times.

Take care

Dr Ovenden



Scholastic Book Fair

From Monday 9th November 2020 for two weeks we have the Scholastic book fair in school. As a result of Covid-19, it will run differently this year.

Each class will be able to look at the display copies and make a note of their favourites. Below you will find a link to the catalogue and our school’s ID number so that you can order the books and pay by phone. *Please remember to email us and let us know your order so we know what we're expecting!

These books will then be delivered to school in two weeks’ time when the display copies are collected.

The school receives free book credits when you order using our school ID, which helps us keep our books in school relevant and exciting to read.


Many thanks for your support.

Dr Ovenden


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The information attached below for helping your child to read at home, was handed out at a recent workshop.