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Maths and More

We take having fun with numbers very seriously here at Shade.
Visit this page for ideas to help your children learn at home and to see the fantastic things we get up to in school too.





Whilst the children are at home one of the best things they can do to improve their Maths, is to play on Numbots (Key Stage 1 and Y3) or on Times Table Rock Stars (Y2 and Key Stage 2).  It might feel like a really small area of the subject but these are vital set of facts that children need to know if they are going to succeed in Maths as they move through  the next Key Stages in school.

Imagine if you were trying to drive a car and every time you wanted to change gear, you had to stop everything else, look down at the gear stick and work out which gear you were already in, which gear you wanted to be in and how to move the gear stick between those positions.  You've either ground to a halt or crashed by now! 
And so it is when trying to calculate fractions, percentages, ratio, area (or in KS1, learning to calculate bigger numbers or solving multi-step problems)........ without the basic facts at their fingertips, children are going to really struggle to complete their work - and if they do get there, it's been a slow process of stopping to work out a side fact, remembering what they were doing to start with and putting it all back together again.  Frustrating and slow-going, with lots of bumped body-work on the way.


Having a really good grasp of the key facts will give your child confidence, speed and accuracy in their Maths as they build onto a solid foundation.

The Numbots and Times Table Rockstars sites are designed by experienced teachers and developed over years of trials and understanding of how best to learn Maths facts.  They are both built to offer children a few key facts, over and over until they know them - then introducing some more.

You can load them on a computer by clicking the links above or onto a tablet/smartphone through the Play or App stores.  School pays for these services so they're free for you to download.


For details of each site - how to play etc, visit our dedicated page for Numbots here (coming soon) and for Times Table Rockstars here.