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Maths and More

We take having fun with numbers very seriously here at Shade.
Visit this page for ideas to help your children learn at home and to see the fantastic things we get up to in school too.

We are delighted to be using TimesTables Rockstars.  It's a fun and engaging way to practise times tables.  Your child has a log-in and their own avatar rock artist.  Their own names and details are only visible to the teachers in school and there is no messaging facility on the app.  Your child should have their log-in details - and a letter came home to parents which also included the ID and password.

TTRockstars offers 4 zones for your child to play in : garage (teacher-set range of calculations, earn money for correct answers); arena (play against other Shade School children in the same class or House group .  Again, teacher-set range); studio (test your speed - all times tables up to 12 x 12.  Be careful, you will be fined if you guess too much!!  Use a tables square to help you get the answers correct!!); and Festival (play against children from across the world, up to 12 x 12).


The more you play, the more "money" you earn.  The more money you have, the more outrageous outfits you can buy!  The app is easy to download onto a phone or tablet, or you can log-in from a laptop/computer at home.  Please encourage your child to have a go.  Help them to think about which zone they would like to play in - and watch out for texts from Mrs Sutcliffe about app updates or Battles of the Bands!!

Recent Email from TT Rockstars

Hi Justine,

A couple of weeks ago I emailed to say the new iOS app had been released. Since then there have been a number of updates and the latest version is 2.0.8.

Version 1 of the app will no longer work from 2 weeks today (16th Feb) so please ensure school iPads in particular are running version 2 and above.

Laggy buttons

Some users on older devices have experienced a small delay when entering answers. We have added a setting to reduce this lag. Click on the Me icon and enable Slow Device Mode and Hide Multiplayer Siderbar. We'll continue to look for ways to cut the lag without having to apply this setting.

Please update it on your Android devices

Good news for Android users! The app is now in Google Play. You'll need to delete the old one first.

The Amazon and Learnpad apps will be updated in the coming days too.

Number Day

I'm sorry we haven't promoted Number Day at all this year. We're huge fans of this event and we'll still make a donation this year to mark the fact that many of you are doing a big dress-like-a-rockstar day! If you're planning to use the website today as part of your Number Day efforts, please bear in mind that lots of people may have had the same idea and patience or alternative plans may be required. It's very painful to confess that.

Server Update

There's been a significant improvement in server capacity but if you have suffered a slowing down of the service during peak periods, I apologise. We're very much aware of the problems and continue to make alterations several times a day.

Yesterday two new servers were commissioned and it's going to take the next few days to copy all the data over to them so that they can start picking up the load from next week. Barring teething problems, this could yield significant gains in speed and up-time.

Kind regards,

Founder, Times Tables Rock Stars