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Year 4 Class Page


3.4.20 Easter time!

Good morning Year 4 and happy Easter! We hope you are all well. Thank you for sharing all of the lovely work you have been getting up to over the last two weeks, we have loved staying in touch with you. Below is a link to some nice Easter activities if you want to have a go (but you don’t have to, we just thought they looked like fun).
Enjoy your chocolate and stay safe.


1.4.20 Additional Resources

Here are some other activities you can have a go at. What can you do with the Ancient Egyptian information; write your own report, newspaper article or page? And what about your feelings during this strange time; check in on those too!


30.3.20 Hello Year 4, we hope you all had lovely weekends. Week 2 is here!
Below is a link to some reading comprehensions and

there’s a really nice one about Ancient Egypt.

You don’t need to print them out if you don’t want to, just read and write your answers down . Let me know how you get on.

We will also be keeping in touch via our Twitter (ShadeYear4)  and Facebook (Shade Leavers 2022) pages.

If you have not yet joined the Facebook group, please search for us!




As you will already be aware, Shade School will be closed from the 20th March until further notice. Children who were in school on 20th March will have received a Home Learning Pack. Below I have added some ideas and useful links to keep Year 4 busy! I will keep this updated and send texts out when I have done so.

Mrs Leck, Mrs Clough,

Mrs Murray and Miss Cox - PLEASE encourage children to work on their time tables. They are crucial! - There are countless games and activities linked to all parts of the curriculum on here. - These are FANTASTIC home learning packs.They are split into weeks and have lots of maths/reading/writing activities and open ended projects for Year 4 to get their teeth stuck into. - There are a range of home learning packs for free on Classroom Secrets. - Twinkl has released a range of free resources to support with school closures.

We have also sent home a letter about completing a Learning Log. We have given suggestions linked to the work we have done in our curriculum but this is the perfect chance for them to do projects about topics THEY want to do! Any work that you or the children are proud of, please post to our Year 4 Twitter page as I would love to see them and reply to you!

We will be texting and keeping in touch via Twitter on a regular basis so that you can all show off what you have been up to! We want to hear about the home school learning you have done, TTRS achievements, Learning Log work - but also about anything else you have been up to - walks in the fresh air, gardening, art projects. Anything and everything - just keep in touch!

Meet the team:





Mrs. Leck

Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs. Clough

Year 4 Class Teacher





Mrs. Murray

Year 4 Teaching Assistant (am)

Miss.. Cox

1:1 Support (Year 4)


Important Information

  • Year 4 swim ONCE A FORTNIGHT ON A MONDAY. Children are either in group A or B. Children will need a swimming kit brought into school on this day.
  • Our P.E. day is now FRIDAY and children will need their P.E. kits in school for this.
  • Children may bring in a snack to enjoy during morning playtime. This must be a piece of fresh fruit or veg.
  • Our library day is FRIDAY. This is when children may take out or return books from our fabulous and well stocked school library!
  • Children have the opportunity to change their home reading books throughout the week.  Please make sure that your child is reading at home and write a comment in their reading records. It is wonderful to read parent comments.
  • Children are welcome to bring in age-appropriate reading books from home if they wish to read during quiet reading.  
  • Spelling homework goes home every Friday and is due in the following Friday for the weekly spelling quiz.
  • Once a half term / term, children will be given a Learning Log target.  This is a great way for children to demonstrate their individual skills and interpretations on the work we have been doing in class.  Children will then share their Learning Logs with each other. These will be sent home w/b 7th May and are due in w/b 15th July. (A letter will be given out at the beginning of term with more details.) We are really looking forward to seeing them at the end of term! 
  • Take a look at our long term plan for Year 4 to see what is happening now and what is coming up:
  • Year 4

    Autumn 1

    Autumn 2

    Spring 1

    Spring 2

    Summer 1

    Summer 2


    Number – Place Value


    Number – Addition & Subtraction

    Number – Addition & Subtraction


    Number – Multiplication & Division


    Measurement – Area

    Number – Decimals


    Measurement – Money



    Measurement – Time


    Number - Fractions

    Measurement – Area and Perimeter



    Geometry – Angles, Statistics and Co-ordinates




    The Mousehole Cat

    Varjak Paw

    The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane

    The Firework Maker’s Daughter


    The Great Kapok Tree


    Moon Juice


    Animals including humans

    States of matter








    Ancient Egypt

    Ancient Egypt



    (Geographical links to History topic)

    Discrete Map Skills

    (Geographical links to History topic)


    PPA with Mrs Sutcliffe




    Making an interactive toy and game


    Design a wiki page



    Purple Mash Computing Scheme


    PPA music



    Christmas concert


    How was popular music different in the Tudor times?

    PPA music



    PPA music



    PPA music







    Enrichment Games











    Parts of the face

    Parts of the body

    Zoo animals





    Judaism main beliefs and facts


    Main beliefs


    What faiths make up our community?


    Who can inspire us?




    What words of wisdom can guide us?


    (Art links to History topic)


    Tudor portraits

    Design a Tudor house

    Collage textures for Tudor rose

    What effects do different grades of pencil have on my drawings?

    Digital media



    Art Links to Geography topic



    What food was available for Tudor knights?


    How could I adapt the recipe to make it healthier?

    Christmas decorations


    Design a 3D Ancient Egyptian torch using electricity




    Rights Respecting



    Money / saving

    Friendships / Relationships and emotions



     Leeds Royal Armouries -Tudor Tournament


    Towneley Hall -Ancient Egyptian workshop


    Sound workshop visitor to school

    Hardcastle Crags


Safer Internet Day

We spent some time on Tuesday 11th February learning about Safer Internet Day. Our focus in Year 4 was social media: what it is, age restrictions that apply and how we can keep ourselves safe on the internet. Pupils really enjoyed discussing rules for keeping safe and producing work to display their rules.


Leeds Royal Armouries trip

We had a fantastic day here and learnt a lot about King Henry VIII and war !