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Year 3


Year 3 Staff


        Mr Green - Class teacher                      Miss Douglas - Teaching Assistant           Miss Pollard - Teaching Assistant


Have a look at Year 3's exciting and engaging curriculum: 

Y3 Long Term Plannig Grid.docx

Important Information

As you will already be aware, Shade School will be closed from the 20th March until further notice. Children who were in school on 20th March will have received a Home Learning Pack. Below I have added some ideas and useful links to keep Year 3 busy! I will keep this updated and send texts out when I have done so. If you have any questions/queries then please either ring school or email Mrs Clarkson ( and I will do my best to help.

Mr Green, Miss Douglas and Miss Pollard - PLEASE encourage children to work on their time tables. They are crucial in all the years to help with the maths curriculum (Login details are in their home pack in the brown envelope). - There are countless games and activities linked to all parts of the curriculum on here (Login details are in their home pack in the brown envelope). - These are FANTASTIC home learning packs (the best I have seen!). They are split into weeks and have lots of maths/reading/writing activities and open ended projects for Year 3 to get their teeth stuck into. - There are a range of home learning packs for free on Classroom Secrets. We use Classroom Secrets in our Maths lessons so children will be familiar with the format (printing may be required). - Twinkl has released a range of free resources to support with school closures (Twinkl is like a holy grail for teachers! I hope you find it as useful as we do. Some printing may be required)

Encourage the children to be creative when carrying out the topic work sent out in the pack. Making models, big posters or fact sheets can be fun. A really good topic would be to find out about the gladiators and the Coliseum.

Recently added. 30.03.2020 A good link to help your children read and brush up on their phonics. This link is very good. If you go on the site look at the Grammar section and work on nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and conjunctions. - Joe Wicks is releasing daily PE lessons (30 minutes) every weekday at 9am. The link attached will take you to his YouTube channel.

Keep an eye out here in the future for more new ideas and links.


  • Year 3 swim EVERY MONDAY. Children will need a swimming kit brought into school on this day.
  • Children may bring in a snack to enjoy during morning playtime.
  • Our PE day is EVERY Tuesday till half term due to crickets sessions. Children will need a full OUTDOOR PE kit in school.
  • Our library day is MONDAY. This is when children may take out or return books from our school library.
  • Children have the opportunity to change their home reading books after lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The changing of these books will be monitored.  
  • Spelling homework goes home every Friday and is due in the following Friday for the weekly spelling quiz.

The chocolate rocks we made in Science last week were a huge success and really looked like Sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. The best thing was they tasted lovely too.



We would like to to say a big thank you to the families who have helped with th Christmas Shoebox Appeal this year. We have collect around 40 boxes.


Year 3 had a fantastic time at the sports centre and coming away has champions made it even better.

Well done to the children.


             Great hockey skills.                                       Super dribbling skills too.

Hunting and Gathering at Harley Wood was great fun.


      The hunt has begun, chasing wild boar and mammoths.                                    Picking berries for our tea, very delicious.


        Can you see any of the hunters in this picture?                                                  What about on this picture?


Sneaking up on the animals using the bushes and long grass gave the hunters a better chance of getting some food.