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Christmas Activities!

Christmas Activities

Take a look at some of the things we have been getting up to over the festive period.


French Singing

French Singing

In Reception we have 2 French lessons every week - we learn lots of words in French through songs and nursery rhymes - here is Ms Bellamy-Brown's favourite - 'Monsieur Le Pouce'!


Cooking in Reception Class!

Cooking in Reception!

We love cooking in Reception - we learn so much through cookery from reading recipes and writing shopping lists to counting, weighing and measuring ingredients. This term we have made lots of delicious meals and tasty snacks including pumpkin soup, bread, sandwiches and hot chocolate!


A Shopping Trip to Morrisons!

A Shopping Trip to Morrisons

We read the book Oliver's Milkshake by Vivian French and decided that we wanted to have a go at making our own milkshakes/smoothies. We wrote a shopping list together and then walked all the way to Morrisons to do our shopping - we bought lots of tasty fruit and milk and then had a quick snack in the café.  A big thank you to all the helpful and friendly staff at Morrisons who helped us do our shopping! The next day we whipped up delicious and healthy smoothies filled with blueberries, raspberries, bananas, mango and strawberries! Yum Yum!


Numicon Number Lines!

Numicon Number Lines!

This week we have been consolidating our 1:1 counting skills as well as learning to write numbers up to 10. We have made some smashing number lines using Numicon and lots of different types of counters!


Fine Motor Monday!

Fine Motor Monday!

Every Monday we tackle a fine motor control challenge - this helps us develop the strength and control in our hands so we are ready for writing as well as supporting the development of our number and counting skills!


Our First Week in Reception!

Our First Week in Reception!

We have had a fantastic first week at school in Reception! We made slime, built models of aeroplanes, butterflies and people at the work bench as well as reading lots of stories, singing songs and discovering all of the things we can do in our new classroom!




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