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Number and Sound of the Week!

We've begun learning about a sound and number of the week! Follow along with us! Where can you find it?


Winter in Shade Nursery

Winter at Shade Nursery has been so much fun! We’ve been making ice palaces, counting out the raisins for banana Olaf, ice painting, snowman truffles, sugar cube igloos, snowman stress balls and so much more! Can you squeeze it, catch it, balance it?



We've been so busy, having so much fun this Christmas in Nursery! We've decorated baubles, carefully snipped and glittered snowflakes, raced the wind up reindeer, made our own reindeer from pegs with little bells on, counted out buttons for the snowmen, made our own fluffy snowmen, and we've looked at patterns when making candy cane biscuits and candy cane fingerprint Christmas cards. Not only have we been busy making things, we've also done lots and lots of Christmas singing. Nursery and Reception joined together to show us their beautiful singing voices in our EYFS Christmas Production. They were all absolutely fantastic, well done to everyone! We've also had so much fun at our wonderful Christmas dinner and Christmas party!


A House That Once Was - School Book Week

We've had such a super book week on 'The House that Once Was'. Not only doing all sorts of activities based on houses, homes and travels but also thinking about who lived there and where they went. "A new house" "A castle!" "A shed" "That wouldn't have been comfy..." Where do you think they went?


Teddies and Train Nursery Trip


Teddies and Train Nursery Trip

Thank you to everyone at Ingrow Train Station! We had such a wonderful day with the Teddies to the Rescue story, playing teddy bear hide and seek, teddy bears picnic in the carriage, exploring the train museums, pretending to drive the train and had a ride on a steam train too!


Welcome to Shade Nursery


Welcome, or welcome back to Shade Nursery!

Not only have we been baking biscuits in the playdough, making a splash in water and creating vehicles from the duplo, but we’ve also been baking soups and pies in the mud kitchen, building walls with the bricks and ‘cement’ in the sandpit and developing our climbing strength outside. We’ve also been on trains and planes, writing tickets, journeying on holiday and to the zoo. We’ve been reading stories about bears and gingerbread men, baked our own and counted out 5 buttons for each one. We have been exploring extra gooey and slimy sensory play and investigating springs, magnets and shadows at the investigation station. We’ve packed up our tools and set off to work, hammering, screwing and measuring wood to 10cm. We’ve also enjoyed our new funky finger toys of mini spinning tops and finger skateboards!

All this fun we’ve had already, and so much more! What great imaginary play will happen next I wonder? We shall have to wait and see…




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“Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators. When parents and practitioners work together in early years settings, the results have a positive impact on children’s development and learning.” The Early Years Foundation Stage: Setting the standards for learning, development and care for children form birth to five (published 2007 by Department for Children Schools and Families )

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