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Shade Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

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Shade Primary School’s Aims and Values

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

It is the vision at Shade Primary School that we will prepare every individual for a successful future

The aims of the school reflect this vision, and the aims are;-

  1. To create a safe, positive and happy environment that stimulates independent learning
  2. To engage in active partnerships with all families and encourage links between the school and the wider community
  3. To develop confident individuals with the attitudes, skills and abilities to enable them to make choices in the 21st century.
  4. To offer a stimulating, creative and fully inclusive curriculum to raise standards through the development of knowledge, skills and understanding.
  5. To provide a rich, spiritual, moral and cultural experience which develops empathy and understanding of the world.
  6. To develop the potential and strengths of every individual through innovative approaches to learning.


Shade Primary School is a one form entry school in the heart of its local community, Todmorden. We are one of seven schools in the town and enjoy a close working relationship with them all.

 The school is situated in the small community of Shade which is near to the centre of Todmorden. The school was built in 1904 and was a shining example of the latest ideas in education including open-air staircases and its own swimming pool. We're glad to say that the staircases now have windows and are nice and warm. The swimming pool is still used by Shade Pupils as well as neighbouring schools and is well used and we provide a programme of lessons to the wider community. The area is named after the "wood-shade" that was erected during the construction of the 'Great Wall of Todmorden' as part of the engineering works to bring the Rochdale Canal through Todmorden.
Consisting of a smithy and yards for stonemasons and carpenters the building dwarfed the only other building in the area, a block of 3 small cottages. The local accent saw the name shortened to 'I'm going t'shade" and the name has stuck ever since. It's not because we never get any sunlight! Many sites of historical interest surround the school. A hundred years ago, the town of Todmorden was a crucible of industry and commerce, filled with cottages and mills.
Todmorden became one of the most important mill towns in the region and the huge increase in workers led to the building of new schools in the town. The Todmorden School Board drew up plans as early as 1902 for a new school in Shade. Shade Pupils on a walk to Stoodley Pike Today Todmorden retains many small businesses and a strong market, visitors to Todmorden seek out historic or scenic sites or choose to walk in the heather on the quiet moors. Nearby, the Pennine Way passes over Stoodley Pike, and many walkers pass through on their way to Haworth and 'Bronte Country'.


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