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Shade Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day


 Our school took part in an OFSTED Inspection in February 2018.
The Inspector found:
''The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You know your community very well and you are clear about the important role the school plays in that community. Working with others across the school, you have created and maintain a culture of learning and high expectations for all.'

One parent described Shade as ‘a very happy school’.

'This means that children get off to a flying start at school.'
Your pupils are happy at, and proud of, their school. Attendance is above average. As one pupil said to me at morning break, ‘It’s fun here!’

Shade Primary School Ofsted Report February 2018


Our school took part in an Ofsted Modern Foreign Languages subject survey in March 2012.
The inspector found that teachers at Shade:
"...demonstrate considerable enthusiasm and passion for learning languages and they communicate this highly effectively to pupils."


Ofsted Modern Foreign Languages Survey 2012

We are extremely proud of our Modern Languages subject survey inspection report. The visit to Shade contributed to Ofsted's national evaluation and reporting programme.

'Pupils make good progress in their language lessons and their attainment is above average overall'.

'Support from learning assistants is highly effective because they also demonstrate enthusiasm for the subject.' Ofsted 2012.