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Shade Primary School

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Everyone is given a newsletter to take home but we know that sometimes they can disappear without trace on the way home.

Here you can see our most recent newsletters and they are available to download, view on-line or print off at home.



 April 12th 2019                     Newsletter Spring Term 2 2019

March 25th 2019            Newsletter March 2019    

February 15th 2019     Newsletter February 2019

January 18th 2019       Jan 18th 2019

December 20th 2018    Newsletter December 2018

November 30th               Nov 30th 2018

November 15th 2018      Newsletter Nov 15th 

October 26th 2018          Newsletter Autumn 1 2018

October 12th 2018           Newsletter October 2018

 October 1 2018                   Newsletter October 2018

September  7 2018             Newsletter September 2018