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Year 5 Staff


Welcome to Year 5's Class Page

Please enjoy our Festive tunes recorded in our music lessons with Mr Simpson.

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It is parents in school this week and the children and parents have enjoyed getting their hands dirty making a river system in a shoebox. First they needed to create their hills and valley using paper mache and once dry they have painted their model.


Labelling and extra bits will be added later.

As the story of Shackleton's Journey unfolds the more interesting and exciting it gets. We have thought of questions we want to find out and hopefully once we have read all the book our questions should be answered.


We have been thinking about the picture on the front cover of our new book in English to work out what it might be about.


Here are our ideas on the working wall.



Carrying out Science investigations really gets you thinking about how the different forces around us can affect the way things behave.


We have learnt gravity will pull you down to Earth but air resistance will slow down your fall. We realised you need to have a large surface area to make the air resistance force larger. For example if you have a parachute which will spread out and catch more air the objects will fall a lot slower.



These children dropped a scrunched up piece of paper and a flat piece. They noticed the flat piece floated down whilst the scrunched up piece fell straight down.


Year 5 would like to thank everyone who brought in a shoebox. We collected over 30 boxes so hopefully we have made  Christmas that bit more special for someone. Once again thank you.





Though the weather was cold, wet and windy we had a great time planting trees on the hills above Walsden. We learnt the importance of  trees for the environment and the ideas behind preventing flooding down in the valley bottom.

The team work throughout the morning was excellent and we manage to plant over 130 trees.



It wasn't easy making sure the hessian sack

sack stayed in place.




The cricket this year has been fun. We have learnt lots of skills and put them into practise playing different team games.


This week we had an excellent visit to the Bradford Industrial Museum, where we worked in a Victorian classroom and the Mill Gallery.

The children enjoyed the day and all looked fantastic in their Victorian clothes and so did the staff.


In the first photograph the children were lining up outside the classroom so they could be inspected by Mrs Clarkson, who was looking for clean hands, clothes and shoes.


Inside the classroom the children could only speak if they were spoken to and had to sit up very straight with their arms folded. They did their work on slate boards and in exercise books using pen and ink from the pots in front of their desk.

Luckily everyone did a fantastic job and nobody had to stand in the corner with the dunce hat on, or got hit with the cane.




 In the afternoon we learnt all about the weaving mill and were shown how to sort wool which is shown in the picture above. In the picture next to that, the children are carding the wool and this is where you comb out all the knots and get long thin strands to work with. In the top two photographs the children are learning to weave and spin the wool. Later on some of the large machines were turned on and it was very noisy, but not as noisy has it would have been when the factory was full of machines.


Overall we had a great day and learnt a lot.


We are no working in small groups to organise our charity event, which is the Rotary Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Keep an eye out around school for posters  and for letter coming home telling you more about the charity.


The more shoeboxes we can the more people we can make happy on Christmas Day!