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Year 1 2016 - 2017

Y1 long term 2016 - 2017.


  Mr Green

Mrs Griffths

Mrs Lynch

Mrs Pollard


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 Mr Simpson has taught us some Christmas carols and songs. have a listen!

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Our Latest News. 

Fun in the rain!

The children had lots of fun on the balance bikes even though it was raining.


In History and Geography we have been looking at the local environment, which includes the canal, railway line and new and old factories. To get an idea about why the factories were built near the canals, we went for a walk down the canal. On the trip we found old factories where the doorways leading to the canal were blocked off and places where old factories used to be.

We saw the Great Wall of Todmorden which holds the railway embankment back. The children noticed near the factories the canal was wider and they said this was so a narrow boat can park up, unload and also other narrow boats can still get past.



Also on our trip we carried out a bit of science. In the park and along the canal we looked at flowers and trees and tried really hard to identify them. 

Can you spot any you recognise?

Ask your children if you are not sure.







Inbetween all this work we had food and some fun!





On Friday mornings Mrs Griffiths is work her cooking magic with small groups. So far we have had some wonderful omelettes and delicious kababs.




TRACTION MAN has been our favourite story so far and we had great fun taking action pictures for our own Traction Man story book. The children really used their imagination for the stories to develop and they created some wonderful Evil characters for Traction Man to defend the classroom objects from.


 Traction Man is flying on his supersonic water bottle.


   Evil Doctor Gluestick is sticking the Lego to the carpet.      


  Evil Professor Pencil is going to poke tomato.

No dinner is a great story about an old lady who has to try and get back to her house  through the jungle without being eaten by a Tiger, Bear and wolf.

Ask your child how she did it.

Look at the slide show above. Some children are being the old women or an animal from the story. 

The number treasure hunt in Februaury was tricky. We had to find a number of objects and put into piles of tens and single units. At times it was hard to share all the objects because there wasn't enough pencils etc, but we help each other and shared.


January has been a busy time and the children have been busy in Maths and English and we also had a visit from the health team to talk about how we can stay healthy.

In Maths we have been working on base 10s and finding different numbers countaining 10s and single digits. 

Some children then added them together.


The health day was interesting. We found out that there was a lot of suger in drinks we could buy and water was the best thing to drink.

Also different coloured fruit and veg are good for different body parts.


Making Bear Hunt maps using different materials for the parts in the story was fun and then we labelled the different sections of the story.


Christmas Art week has begun and the children are very busy making lots of different things for the festive season.


We have been having a great time working in the hospital and driving the ambulance this week. During this half term we will be looking at the human body and the different parts of our bodies.

A lot of the injuries the doctors have come across are broken legs and arms so they have been very busy putting on bandages and slings. Luckily the ambulance was available because we had a very sick baby which needed rushing to hospital and the mother said the staff there were fantastic.



Life in Year 1 is getting so busy we have had to move from a one man operation at the Ambulance Station to a team of dedecated staff to cover all the emergencies. Station bosses have employed two mechanics to fix the vehicles and more people to answer the phones and work on the computers.


The childen filled the marble jar for the first time this year and they choose to have a dico party in the classroom.

We have some super movers in Year 1 this year.


The trip to the toy museum was a great success and the children had chance to play with old toys from around 100 years ago.





Working together as a team is very important at school and during a group activity where the children were retelling the story 'The Sweetest Song' they all showed they were very capable of working as a team. Fantastic work Year 1.