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Cliffe Castle 2019

We had a fantastic trip to Cliffe Castle to learn all about dinosaurs and we also got to play in the adventure playground after lunch!


Christmas Dinner Day!

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Making Diwa Lamps to celebrate Diwali

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Autumn Term - Second Half!

This half term has been extremely busy in Reception. Our role play area became a Hairdressers/Body Shop - it provided lots of opportunities for the children to read, write and mathematical language in their play as well as opportunities to recreate experiences from home with their friends. We had a great time selling products, creating hair styles and running a busy shop!

We took part in Picture Book Week with the rest of the school - we used our knowledge of stories and language to create a narrative for Footpath Flowers as well as doing observational drawings of cut flowers, created transient art dandelions using cotton buds and buttons and enjoyed extra sessions in the library.

We had a super time learning about Festivals around the World including Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas  - for Diwali we had a super time  making puppets to retell the story of Rama and Sita, beautiful Diwa lamps using recycled jam jars and cooked some delicious coconut barfi sweets. The EYFS Christmas Musical - A Miracle in Town - was a smashing success and the children impressed everyone with their signing and dramatic performances. 

Stay & S.T.E.M in the last week of term was filled with Christmas themed maths and science activities. It was wonderful to see so many parents come along and try out all the activities available - the children built wooden furniture, lego models of Santa's sleigh, investigated ice and snow, used buttons to make patterned decorations for the Christmas tree, played some super Numicon Christmas stockings and Christmas tree games and they even made a pom pom catapult using lollipop sticks and elastic bands!

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Our First Half Term in Reception!


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Our First Half Term in Reception...

I think you can see from our photos that we have been having a lot of fun and doing lots of learning whilst we play during our first term in Reception! We have been developing our Physical skills along side Maths and Literacy. Can you tackle the Reception challenges - they aren't as easy as they look!!