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Budding musicians!

Budding Musicians...

We have been experimenting with the Wak-A-Tubes on our sky platform. We have had so much fun exploring how the sounds change depending on how hard you hit them and the different surfaces. We think it makes a beautiful noise and sounds a bit like raindrops!




Hamster Huey!


Huey loves to explore our classroom inside the exercise ball... have a look at our videos below! 

Hamster Huey!

Meet the latest member of Reception - Hamster Huey! She is a Syrian Hamster who now lives in our classroom. The children have been finding out how to take care of her by doing research on the internet and in non-fiction books about hamsters. They are very good at looking after hamsters now and know how to keep her happy and healthy. Every day she plays in her exercise ball and the children are learning how to handle her carefully so she doesn't get scared. If you come in to see her, you will notice lots of signs and labels around her cage - these are to make sure visitors to our classroom don't frighten her or feed her anything that might make her poorly. Isn't she cute?!

Fantastic Phonics

Fantastic Phonics!

Reception are working really hard to learn digraphs as part of their daily phonics activities - they have been spotting 2 letters that make one sound in words on the interactive whiteboard, having a go at writing words using the ch, sh, th and ng sounds as well as attempting to make words using digraphs with our phonics monkeys. Well done everyone!

Chickens & Eggs!

Chickens & Eggs!

Maths, English and Fine Motor Control practice all rolled in to one activity! The aim of the game was to fit as many chickens or eggs into the egg shells as possible in under one minute - it is not as easy as it looks! We took it in turns to take part in the challenge, time the racers and record the scores. Our top score was 9 chickens inside egg shells. The children were really good sports and supported each other with counting and recording the information. Let's see if we can beat our top score before Easter!

Silly Sentences

Silly Sentences!

As part of our learning in our daily phonics lessons we have be reading silly sentences and writing yes and no answers.. The children have really enjoyed the challenge of reading words of increasing difficulty and even made up their own silly sentences! We decided that George had the funniest sentence - "Can a Yorkshire pudding eat a man?" I wonder what they will come up with next?!



Over the past few weeks we have been exploring English and Maths through a Christmas theme! We have had glittery Numicon  and stocking games for Maths as well as a gift wrapping and Christmas card writing station supporting our Reading and Writing.  We have also been developing our ICT skills with an interactive online Advent Calendar with a new game every day!

The Nativity

The Nativity!

Reception were fantastic in their Nativity this year! They worked so hard to learn all the songs as well as their lines and the final performance was a triumph! Good job everyone!


Festivals and Celebrations -  Diwali!

This week we were finding out about the festival of Diwali. We were really excited to learn all about the Festival of Lights and we began by tasting some delicious traditional Indian sweets. We liked some of the sweets so much that we wanted to make our own so we made our own Barfi sweets, we all enjoyed sampling the sticky sweet dates! Throughout the week we have also investigted Indian artefacts, made our own Dandiya in the creative area to help us perform a traditional Indian stick dance as well as reading the story of Rama and Sita and naughty Hanuman the monkey god. What a busy week!

Making Salsa!

Festivals and Celebrations - Day of the Dead!

This term we are learning about how people around the World celebrate special times in their lives. This week we explored the festival of Day of the Dead which is celebrated in Mexico. We learned how to say some phrases in Spanish as well as singing Spanish songs. We also wanted to find out more about food in different cultures. The children prepared a delicious bowl of tomato salsa - it involved lots of chopping, cutting, mixing and tasting. When it was ready we all got to eat it with tortilla chips and tortilla bread. It has been a fantastic week and the children have loved learning about Mexican culture!



  Miss Bellamy-Brown  

  Mrs Johnston


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