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Shade Primary School

Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Our StafF


Helen Clarkson DSL


Lucy Hirst: Deputy Headteacher

Lucy Hirst DSL

Deputy Headteacher/SENCO

Year 2 Teacher


Ann Clough DSL

 Year 2 Teacher


Jo  Morris

Nursery Teacher




   Vicky Firth

Year 1 Teacher 



Jamie Green 

Year 5 Teacher

Mr Rolfe

Year 3 Teacher

Gill Fogg

Year 4 Teacher

Mollie McCracken

Year 6 Teacher

Liv Bellamy-Brown

EYFS Manager

Reception Teacher


Laura Ovenden

Lead Literacy Practitioner



Inga Ford

KS1/KS2 Teacher



                           Justine Sutcliffe

                       KS2 Teaching Support



Nicola Barnes

School Business Manager

Adele Battersby

Admin Assistant


Gillian Greenwood

Nursery Nurse

Fiona Johnston

Reception Support

Val Lynch

Year 1 Support

Natasha Rennoldson

Year 2 Support

Jill Crothers

Year 3 Support

Lucy Marshall

Year 4 Support

Rachael Douglas

Year 5 Support

Tina Pollard

Year 6 Support

Rachel Cox

1:1 Support EYFS

Sue Barker

1:1 Support

Sandra Griffiths

1:1 Support KS1

Jan Murray

1:1 Support KS1


 Jess Walters

Reception Class 1:1 Support




                             Annabelle Dean

                               Year 1 Support 






                   Hannah-Louise Heald

                         Year 3 Support



Matt Pickering

Site Manager







Stephanie Gell

Dining Room Assistant

Ann-Marie Howarth

Dining Room Assistant



Karen Clare

Midday Supervisor

Alison Boddie

Midday Supervisor

Emma Roberts

Midday Supervisor






Adele Noble

Midday Supervisor





Natalie Clarkson

Swimming Teacher


Tony Thomas

Swimming Teacher

















Keeping Everyone Safe

At Shade

Keeping everyone at safe in our community is the responsibility of us all.

Some of us have special jobs that help:


Mrs Boddy, our crossing patrol, helps us to cross the Rochdale Road safely.

Mrs Barnes and Mrs Battersby in our School Office check that any visitors to the school should be here, keep all our records and registers up to date and make the money is looked after properly.

Mr Pickering, our Site Manager, makes sure that our building and grounds are safely maintained. He keeps a watchful eye on the car park and when we have any contractors carrying out work on the site.

Mrs Sutcliffe is our Information Risk Officer, and works with everyone else to make sure that the technology we use is used safely.

Mrs Clarkson is our Senior Designated Person and has completed training in safeguarding/child protection and safer recruitment.

Miss Hirst, Mrs Clough and Miss Bellamy-Brown are also Designated Safeguarding Leaders.

Mrs Hatfield is our designated governor for safeguarding and safeguarding/child protection.

All classteachers and teaching assistants have completed safeguarding and child protection training.

Mrs Clarkson is responsible for reporting to Governors on the effectiveness of our safeguarding and child protection procedures and Governors are responsible for ensuring the school carries out its duties.